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Bhaveer ShahBhaveer Shah asked 4 years ago

Is there a resource that compares the Mitigation GHG target pledged emissions reductions across countries in a consistent manner? Ideally, I would like to know how much each country is projecting to emit in 2030 (in both condition and/or unconditional) NDC scenarios. Such a number is actually very difficult to obtain consistently across all countries.
It is frustratingly difficult comparing all the NDCs to obtain any such figure, as half are BAU targets, some are base year targets. some are intensities, some have different base years etc.  The UN emissions gap report does this exercise this at an aggregate level for the world, but it does not give transparent details about 2030 pledged emissions by country.

So to be clear, I’m looking for an estimate/list of 2030 NDC emissions by country, as per NDC. Please kindly try to advise on possible resources. 

Many thanks, truly appreciated
Bhaveer Shah

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INDC SupportINDC support answered 4 years ago

The overview of country’s pledges can be found in the Pledge Pipeline that can be found in UNEP website here.
Another source of information about NDC pledges is the Climate Action Tracker.