Vulnerability and adaptation assessment approaches

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Samir TantawiSamir Tantawi asked 5 years ago

We are in the processes of developing Egypt’s Fourth National Communication to UNFCCC, as known, the report contains a chapter on V&A assessment. During the previous three NC reports, we used to follow the V&A assessment approach based on sectors, e.g. coastal zone, agriculture, water resources, …etc
Different approach is suggested by some experts to go through V&A assessment based on impacts, e.g extreme weather events, water scarcity, droughts, heat waves, sea level rise, ..ets
Could you kindly explain the differences between the two approaches and what are the strong and weak points of each, or for easy, guide me to literature/s or websites that can provide detailed information

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INDC SupportINDC support answered 4 years ago

The hazards (drought, flood, etc) need to assessed by sector (agriculture, water, etc.). So, what is needed is both a sectoral and impact-related appraisal. Ideally, this should be done also in view of exposure to these hazards (for example, the number of people affected). Hence, there is no either or between the approaches.